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8/1/2016 Margaret Shaw, DDS, PA

Welcome to the new world of dentistry! As you probably know, over the past decade digital x-rays have taken the place of old-fashioned film x-rays. This means less discomfort and harmful radiation for the patient, and a much better result for the dentist.
In a more recent development, technol­ogy has also caught up with another of the dental procedures that most patients dread - impressions. Gone are the days of clamping down on trays full of thick goo. State-of-the-art equipment now enables a dentist to capture much more precise digital impressions without ever subjecting the patient to an unpleasant mouth full of putty.
There are several machines capable of capturing digital impressions. The iTero scanner, produced by Align Technology, is considered cutting edge, and the scanning technology integrates seamlessly with the company's other popular product, an innovative system for braces known as lnvisalign (more on that in a moment). The iTero can be used for crown and bridge procedures as well as lnvisalign braces.
With the iTero machine, impressions - or "scans"- are comfortable, safe, accurate and fast. Comfortable because there is no gooey mess or unpleasant taste - the dentist uses a "wand" to capture images of the tooth surface and gum tissue. Safe because a laser is used to generate the images, not radiation. Accurate because there is no material outside of the digital image that can potentially shift. And you can view the 3D scans on-screen with your dentist immediately - how's that for fast? The entire procedure typically takes no more than 3-5 minutes. The computer-generated 3D model is sent directly to your dentist's lab to construct a crown; or, if you are being treated with braces, the aligners are manufactured by lnvisalign and sent directly to the dentist.
lnvisalign treats the misalignment of teeth by using a series of clear, nearly invisible, removable appliances that gently move teeth to a desired final position. Because it does not rely on the use of metal or ceramic brackets and wires, Invisalign significantly reduces the aesthetic and other limitations associated with braces. The iTero machine comes equipped with the lnvisalign Outcome Simulator as well, which provides a unique dual view layout showing the prospective patient an image of his/her own current dentition next to his/her simulated final position of how the teeth may look after lnvisalign treatment.
While all of this cutting edge technology might seem "fun," more than anything, dentists need to focus on the benefit to the patient. The primary goal should be to provide patients with the highest quality of care possible with the least invasive methods available. Regular X-rays were good, but now there is something better. Regular impressions were okay, but now there is something superior.
When you have a crown done the iTero way, you can be assured that the accuracy of fit will be above and beyond that of a conventional impression. That means you will have less likelihood of getting decay around the margin of your crown and having to have it redone. Not to mention the fact that you didn't have to go through the goop and the gag to get there!

Dr. Shaw is a graduate of, as well as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas. She has been practicing dentistry in Ellis and Dallas Counties for 24 years. She is also the President of Elite Mobile Dental, which serves nursing homes through­out North Texas.

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