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 (Dental Assistant) grew up in Duncanville, where she graduated from Duncanville High School. She has worked in General and Pediatric Dentistry since 1992 and has been with Dr. Shaw since 1999. Angie is married with three daughters and one granddaughter.
(Office Administrator) has been with Dr. Shaw since she opened her practice in 1995. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Dallas Baptist University, is married, and has twins who attend University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Charlotte will be glad to schedule your appointments and answer all of your insurance questions.
(Dental Hygienist) began working for Dr. Shaw in 1995 as her dental assistant and went on to pursue a dental hygiene education. She graduated from Tarrant County College with an Associates Degree in Applied Science in 2001 and has worked as Dr. Shaw's hygienist since then.

Margaret Shaw, DDS, PA
A SMILE can speak volumes. It's the first thing people notice when meeting someone new, and it communicates our emotions without saying a word. If you need to get your smile in good shape, you need to find the right dentist. Look no further than Margaret Shaw, DDS, PA in Ovilla.


 Many people have a hard time deciding what they want their career to be. But not Dr. Margaret Shaw—she knew what she wanted to become at an early age.

"When I was 14, I started working for a dentist from my church, and I knew all along that that’s what I wanted to do, especially when I got into his office,” Dr. Shaw said.

At one point during the time she worked for Dr. Richard Burt in Richardson, she questioned whether or not to be a dentist. But Dr. Burt helped her clarify her goals and stay committed to her dream.

"He said, ‘You’ve always wanted to be a dentist and you’ll be a good one.’ He really gave me confidence and encouragement and kept me on track. He’s still a very good friend and mentor.”

Once she graduated from high school, she went on to Abilene Christian University and then to Baylor College of Dentistry. After completing dental school, she worked for her father-in-law’s clinic in East Dallas while she and her husband lived in Midlothian. After a few years working at the Dallas practice, she decided to open her own practice in Ovilla. Margaret Shaw, DDS, PA opened in September of 1995 on Ovilla Road and has been in the same location ever since.


Because the clinic specializes in general dentistry, Dr. Shaw sees a wide variety of dental needs every day. Among her favorite things to do in the world of dentistry are extractions and root canals. She’s also helped a lot of patients suffering with migraines get some relief with a nociceptive trigeminal inhibition, or NTI. This device stops painful stimulation to the nerves of the face and jaw that usually occurs when you clench or grind your teeth. Patients typically sleep in the NTI device and experience a drastic reduction in migraine occurrences.

"What I love about [these services] is it’s an instant gratification that I’ve relieved pain and helped somebody,” Dr. Shaw said. Soon after starting her practice she took this desire to relieve pain to a global level.


In 1996, Dr. Shaw joined with her mentor, Dr. Burt, and the Health Talents International group to take yearly trips to Nicaragua to help citizens with dental and health problems. She also worked with Project HOPE, another global health mission organization, to continue annual trips to work with dentists and doctors in Nicaragua.

"It’s just the greatest experience ever. You get to meet some really neat doctors and dentists, and the people in Nicaragua are amazing, grateful, kind, sweet, humble and lovely,” Dr. Shaw said.

A neck injury kept her from going on the trips for a few years, but she is ready to "get back in the game.”

"This summer I will probably be going to Brazil on a boat down the Amazon doing the same thing—stopping in little villages,” Dr. Shaw said. "That group is called Amazon Outreach. I’m a little nervous because that’s the unknown but it is exciting.”

On these trips Dr. Shaw did mostly extractions, but also did some fillings and worked with a translator to educate the people of Nicaragua on the importance of dental health and hygiene.

"But one side benefit that I got from going on those trips was that I worked with some of the best oral surgeons in the country, and I’ve learned a lot about pulling teeth from them, so I’ve actually been able to bring that back to my practice here.”


With the help of her dedicated staff who have been with her from the beginning—Charlotte, the office manager, Melisa, the hygienist, Angie, the dental assistant and, occasionally, Dr. Shaw’s daughter, Libby—Dr. Shaw puts the knowledge and discipline she’s gained over the years into practice.

"Every time you come in here you’ll see the same people, which I think indicates how well we get along as a group,” Dr. Shaw said. "And people know that; they feel that when they’re here. We also run on a schedule and when you come you’re not going to be waiting. You might wait five minutes, but chances are you’re never going to wait more than 10 minutes on either one of us. We realize the patient’s time is very valuable.”


"All patients should be treated with the same care I would give my own family. Gentleness, understanding, timeliness, quality and esthetics get top consideration at our office.”

After being in practice in the same location for 17 years, Dr. Shaw still loves the area and the familiar faces she sees on a daily basis.

"I do like building the relationships with the long-term patients,” Dr. Shaw said. "I’m seeing kids grow up. I’m getting to see the kids that I did dentistry on when they were little now turn into mommies and that’s fun. It’s just a good group of people out here.”


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